The Synopsis

There’s a storybook ending here, somewhere…
From the foreword I’ve should of known
That the very first chapter there was bound to be laughter,
A little bit of blood and a pint full of tears

As we turn the pages there’s a sense of some changes
They effect the language and all we held dear
Then the plot thickens, a turn of events, the outcomes no longer clear
Mark the page, 107, that’s 1 year and 7 months
I’m finally realizing you’re the life that I want near

On to chapter 11 it’s written in song and prose
The dialog selective the stanza’s line up in rows
As each line’s recited the heart gets excited
His eyes memorized by her effervescent glow

The rest of the pages, words yet to be painted
So theres no telling where this story might go
It’s up to it’s authors to finish this novel
To give it the ending that we already know


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