At What Cost?

When I look in to your eyes
I see the pain behind
I know the cause
I know the demon
For we are one
Alcohol, the conductor
Not to be held solely responsible
But as an accomplice to the crime
When entered into the equation
A chain reaction, a persuasion occurs
Temperatures rise, blood boils
Sane mind holds no court
An arrangement of words, distasteful
Fly off the lips from the hip
One after another after another
In those moments not one care is realized
Not one love is visualized
But then suddenly, awake, alive
Finally, a man, a tenth the size
Realize what you have done
At what cost has this come?

5 thoughts on “At What Cost?”

  1. I was just talking to a friend the other day, she said alcohol isn’t as bad as drugs, but I feel like they are both as bad as one another. (I do enjoy a drink.) But as an addiction how can we say one is worst than the other. Love the way you put it in your poem!

  2. I do too, enjoy an occasional drink. I will tell you this… I at one time was addicted to certain substances… You could literally watch my world crumble from the moment I started doing what I was doing. Sure it was fun at first but then I lost so much…. Friends, family, my will to live. I would have to say being addicted to drugs is a horrible thing. I am a success story and I have to turn my life around! I did it all by my little lonesome self. I wrote at what cost way before I did any drugs I was around 24. My girlfriend at the time and I would go out drinking every night and everything would be fine and dandy until we stopped drinking and the effects of alcohol would wear off… We were just yelling each other…. It was never a pretty sight. Anyway did you get my message on Facebook?

  3. So good you got through it, must of been very hard especially being young and on your own. Writing helps doesn’t it. I know it helps me. I did get your message too! Ill be in touch soon!!

  4. Writing does wonders for healing ones self. I can tell by your writing that you’ve lost as well… One of these days I’ll let you hear some of poems that I’ve turned into song. Quite a few of them on here, the longer ones, now have music and vocals. I tend to sing a little bit, play guitar and bass.

  5. Hey that’s awesome! I love music, not that I can play or sing lol I did a bit of writing for a music magazine a fee years ago, and loved it. Would love to hear!!

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