A Leaf on the Wind – The Quote and a Bonus Poem Challenge. Day 1

First and formost I want to thank  mairacharmed for this challenge. She is a very talented writer and I suggest you check out her writing. Now on to my challenge.

The Quote:  “Courage is found in unlikely places.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

The Poem:

The winds blow
undoubtedly easterly
The leaves go
Free with uncertainty
She knows
It a perilous journey
Ten fold
Her fear is insurmountable
She holds her self accountable
The leaves go
So she follows them certainly
She shows
Her courage grows organically

My nominees for Day 1 are:

Ink and Quill

Double U

O at the Edges

The rules for this challenge are:

1. Each day for three consecutive days post a quote (any quote – you can even come up with your own) and a poem to accompany it.

2. On each day nominate 3 bloggers for the challenge.

3. Don’t forget to thank the blogger who nominated you


13 thoughts on “A Leaf on the Wind – The Quote and a Bonus Poem Challenge. Day 1”

  1. Thank you!!! I’ve been writing on and off since right around 1994 when I was 16. Back then a lot of my stuff was fairly rough but always imaginative. Some of my early poems are on this blog. The others… They may never see the light of day.

  2. I’ve only just started being brave enough to start sharing . I started this blog in 2011 and posted periodically through the years. I never got any likes and comments until this year…. I suppose it was because I never categorized my posts. I would love to do a book at some point… I think it will be sooner rather than later due to all the support I’ve been getting here. I truly appreciate all that you say. Thank you! Do you want to pick the next quote for tomorrow? It would be too easy for me to find a quote that I could easily write about. I like this stretching myself beyond my bounds thing we have going.

  3. Probably. You need to add tags, too, so more people can find your wonderful poems :) it really is a pleasure to read your poetry. You’re very good👏 Sure:) I’ll find something challenging for you tomorrow😉

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