As We Fall Apart

The blue skies fade to grey
The leaves wither and decay
The storm rolls in
And patience wears thin
Our roots, uprooted
Our hopes… now hopeless
Two wayward souls left wondering
Two broken hearts now pondering
What becomes of the dreams we shared?
What happens to all for which we cared?
Is all hope truly lost?
I’ll hope while I pay the cost

14 thoughts on “As We Fall Apart”

  1. I am currently working on it… I have a few different Twitter accounts for different things that I don’t even keep up with. I have made one for my poetry but I haven’t done anything with it because I don’t like the username… I couldn’t use my own name and I couldn’t use standardissuelife… I ended up with stdissuedlife but that sounds like I have a sexually transmitted disease so I don’t want to use that. I’m trying to think of something better to change it to first.

  2. Ok I changed it to @stdrdissuedlife… I think I’m OK with that. I’ll start working on posting my stuff there soon. I will follow you!

  3. That one is a fairly large song in terms file size. It was professionally recorded and mixed. It will eventually play! Just had a curiosity where in the world you live I’m stuck in Florida

  4. How about I lend you a piece of music and you write around that. I’ll send you a link to one I’ve been working on tomorrow night.

  5. All right… well I’m sorry I couldn’t of been of more help… I really haven’t been in all that of a songwriting mood as of late

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