Tick, Tick, Tick

You fuck and let go
I love and hold on
You refuse to grow
While I evolve on and on
You claim that you know
I know what you claim
You’re self centered and selfish
While I give to no end
Your haphazard and helpless
I tried to be your friend
Now I’m battered and bruised
It’s time to move on
The taste is getting bitter
As you tick like a bomb


6 thoughts on “Tick, Tick, Tick”

  1. Thank you. I only write when I’m truly inspired… I never let it be forced… If I start searching for words… I just stop… I wrote that about 10 seconds. I thought it crossed my mind about something that pissed me off one day so that’s what came out

  2. I know I exactly how you feel! On days when there’s nothing in my head to write about, I’d be only wasting my time to think of what to write. But once when the idea is there, the storyline changes😂 Yeap, it’s good to spill out those pent-up emotions. Bottling up too much of them is extremely unhealthy

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