Em Bedded: A Collaboration

I’m very honored to have Em from Poet Girl Em remove her restraints and take part in this collaboration with me. We hope you find it as tantalizing as we did while writing it.

Lay on me
Lay me
On me

Cock hard
Lips soft
Pussy wet
Honey suckle
I can taste
your sweat

You, primed
For me
Teased to hilt
For me
Wet and spilt
For me

Erect me
For you
Milk me
In you
Soak me
In you

Rivers flow
She knows
My dagger
Between folds

Lift of hips
opened lips
moan in shifts
we split
sound of us
soaring free
a slap on ass
hardness lasts
in, out…repeat

-Stark & Em


5 thoughts on “Em Bedded: A Collaboration”

  1. Reblogged this on Poet Girl Em and commented:
    Had some fun with Matt, AKA Stark, from Standard Issued Life this morning. (I am 2,3,5) It’s always fun to squish brains together and see what juicy things emerge. Check out his page for more wonderful poetry. Thanks, Matt!

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