OK…so my mind isn’t fully back into writing yet… Sorry if this sucks…

What tangled webs we weave of silk and lies
A tragedy
Starring you and me
Escalating everyday until we die
We always fight
You for you
Me for us
Bite in to my flesh
Flood me with poison
You are the spider
I, the fly


8 thoughts on “Arachnid”

  1. I know I get that but it’s my first one back. I guess the reason I broke that was because if anybody sees this as my first work and they think it’s shitty… I want them to know that I’m not on top of my game right now.

  2. Nope! It’s an amazing piece! Sometimes the pieces we think aren’t our best turn out to be amazing. You should re-read in a month or two…, you’ll see you were still on top of your game. :-)

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