Music update

Ok so awhile ago I mentioned that I was working on a few new songs… I had 3 in the pipeline and that quickly grew to 4. Unfortunately I’m currently at an impasse with all of them. Now I know I’m not the best singer but I can’t seem to get them to a level where I am happy with them. Fuck, there are a few that still need some guitar parts rewritten… Every time I sit down to work on them, my mind goes blank… I’m at a loss… So as of now they are postponed indefinitely. I don’t know if I’ll ever return to working on them… I don’t know if I’ll even return to making music… If anyone here was looking forward to hearing them, I am sorry for disappointing you…


6 thoughts on “Music update”

  1. Such are the rolling waves of the creative artist. You’re not a disappointment! Breaks are good and probably even necessary for most of us. Don’t force it and it will flow when it’s ready. :) <3

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